Splash Shield Mask (5) - Coronavirus Alert Essential

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Splash Shield Face Masks (5 pack) - Coronavirus Alert Essential - Back In Stock! 

Protect yourself and those around you from the spread of Corona Virus by using PPE equipment, the Splash Shield Mask available for is a protective face mask which shields the user from droplet particles which can spread the virus.

Splash Shield Masks are produced in a sterile environment and individually packaged in a sanitised manner.

The ergonomic design of this Splash Shield mask ensures a close and comfortable fit for the user. The Splash shield masks are usable for a prolonged period throughout the day and allow users to breathe clearly.

Medical professionals can use splash Shield Masks and those exposed to others with disease and infections such as that of COVID-19.

Face Splash Shield Masks should be worn in accordance with regular hand washing and sanitising for efficient form of protection to be achieved.

Product specifications

Material: PC & TPR (Thermoplastic rubber)

Size: 21 x 28cm

Prevent Particular Matter

Anti-Pollen filter

Droplet Proof protective layering

CE Approved


Pack contains 5 Face Shield Masks