Slendertone Abs8 Toning Belt

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Product features

The Slendertone ABS8 toning belt has been designed to tone your core muscles.

This belt has been specially designed to fit around the curves of your body that will give optimal compression and comfortable while you tone your muscles while you exercise, work or rest.

The SLENDERTONE ABS8 TONING BELT has 10 toning programmes from low levels to advanced depending on your requirements. The belt intensity levels reach from zero to 100 intensity. You can progress through each toning programme until your reach your required toning goals. Programmes on device include seven passive programmes and three active programmes.

The Slendertone ABS8 belt has a face up display that can be seen more easily while toning. The display has been created with new OLED technology; this achieves a brighter picture quality than LCD display screens. With memory functionality, the toning belt will track your most recent toning session.

This device is simple to use and assemble, the controlled attached to the belt has new magnetic connectors. The controller for this device is rechargeable which can be recharged in just three hours via USB charging cable.

How it works

Use slendertone ABS8 toning belt 20-30 minutes a day, five times a week for best results.

Product specifications

Belt size 24-42 inches (61-107cm).

Clean belt in lukewarm water, ensure to remove the controller and gel pads before cleaning. Leave to dry naturally.

Included in the box:
Slendertone Abs8 unisex toning belt
One pack of 3 gel pads
Rechargeable Controller
Instruction manual
Quick-start guide
USB charging cable


Slendertone has over 50 years in the medical field originating from the West of Ireland. Slendertone are the world leader in EMS body toning technology with over 10 million toning devices sold across the world.

Through strict clinical trials and research, Slendertone provide the world’s most effective EMS products available to market.

Clinically proven results

49% average increase in abdominal strength felt by all users from 4 weeks.

77% of Slendertone belt users felt more positive about their body after 8 weeks.

How does Slendertone work?

Slendertone body toning products, which are manufactured to medical standards, use Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to replicate regular exercise, resulting in stronger, firmer and more toned muscles.

Slendertone engages all four abdominal muscles

What do Slendertone products feel like in use?

At first, when tingling you may feel a slight tingling sensation. You will feel muscle contractions as you increase the intensity of the device. This is totally normal and is optimising the workout your body and the muscle toner are completing.

Every time you tone with a Slendertone product, you will feel that you have pushed yourself a little bit harder.

Always read the user guide carefully before use.
Remember to keep all medicine out of reach of children.

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