Scholl Fresh Step Foot Deodorant

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Scholl Fresh Step Antiperspirant Spray, 150 ml

  • Scholl Fresh Step Antiperspirant
  • Provides shoes with 24 hour odour protection and freshness
  • Dries with no residue and a fresh, clean fragrance
  • Gives you the confidence to take off your shoes anywhere, anytime
  • Dermatologically tested

Scholl Fresh Step Antiperspirant is specially developed with a tri-action formula which instantly neutralises odour from your feet; with a drying action that reduces wetness, it provides feet with a light, airy fragrance and freshness for up to 24 hours.

The unique skin on your feet is designed to sweat, and with 125,000 sweat glands on the sole of each foot - needed to regulate body temperature and keep skin supple - together they create the perfect home for bacteria that can cause feet to smell.
Footcare is important for healthy feet; after all, they're with you throughout your life.

This Fresh Step anti-perspirant is dermatologically tested and keeps on working to give your shoes lasting odour protection and freshness without any residue, so you can have the confidence to take off your shoes whenever and wherever you like.

For fresher smelling feet in seconds simply shake the can well and holding it approximately 10-15cm away from dry clean skin, spray evenly across your feet, focusing on the soles and in between your toes where sweating is the most concentrated. Put a spring in your step with Scholl and join the feet elite.

  • Anti-perspirant foot spray
  • Instantly neutralises odour
  • Reduces wetness with drying action
  • Provides feet with 24h protection against odour
  • Light, airy fragrance




Shake well before use. Hold can approximately 10-15 cm away from dry, clean skin and spray evenly. Focus on the sole of the foot and between toes, where sweating is concentrated.