Combo Deal - Regaine 5% Foam (3 Months) + Nourkrin Shampoo + Conditioner (2 x 150ml)

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This combo pack contains award winning Regaine 3 month supply with Nourkrin Shampoo and Conditioner for the ultimate hair loss treatment. Regaine and Nourkrin combined help you to achieve healthy hair, reduce hair loss and increase hair apperance.  You save nearly €40 when purchasing this combo pack. 

What is Regaine (Minoxidil)?

Regaine is an effective hair-loss medicine available from , Regaine has been proven to reduce hair loss and also encourage new hair growth. Regaine is the first and only topical treatment licensed for hair loss in the Republic of Ireland, proven to be effective for 60% of men. 

How Regaine (Minoxidil) works

Regaine (minoxidil) is a topical formulation which needs to be applied to the scalp twice a day. Available from Regaine is the only over the counter medical product which is proven to help stop and reverse hereditary hair loss. Regaine stimulates hair folicles to move hair from resting phase to growth phase, it also increases the length of hair in the growth phase. 

Regaine dilates the blood vessels in the scalp which allows more oxygen, blood and nutrients to reach hair follicles. This promotes hair growth. Regaine also increases the diameter of the hair shafts, this encourages the thickness of the follicles so that hair growth is fuller and thicker. 

Regaine has proven to prevent hair loss in four out of five men. Regaine also re-grows hair in nine out of ten men. 


Nourkrin's Shampoo and Scalp Cleanser is a gentle yet effective formula that helps create an optimum scalp environment to support healthy hair growth.

Scientifically formulated, the solution gently cleanses away dirt and impurities whilst protecting components of the hair follicle. Its protective and stimulating properties help to improve the scalp environment and increase the appearance of hair volume.


Nourkrin Conditioner has been developed to gently moisturise and condition delicate hair, to support and nurture a healthy hair growth environment. Nourkrin Conditioner has been clinically formulated especially for women and men experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. Gentle enough for everyday use, it leaves fine and delicate hairs in a soft and tangle-free condition, conducive to healthy hair growth.


It is important to use Regaine regularly as to see results. Results vary depending on each person but it is advised to use Regaine for a minimum of 8 weeks as results may be seen within 8-12 weeks but may take up to 16 weeks to show. 

Avoid contact with eyes. Always read the label. 
Do not exceed recommended dosage. 
Keep out of the reach of children.