AlcoSense Elite 3 Breathalyzer - Alcohol Detection Breathalyser

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At a glance:

  • Successor to the multi award-winning Elite 2
  • 28mm2 Semi-conductor Sensor
  • User selectable limits for Scotland/Ireland and England/Wales
  • Memory recall of last 9 results
  • Colour coded results
  • Two digit readings (e.g. 0.29mg/L)
  • Readings in either mg/L or ‰BAC


An award-winning heritage

Designed in the UK by AlcoSense’s award winning team, the AlcoSense™ Elite 3 is the successor to the highly acclaimed AlcoSense™ Elite 2 - the most award-winning breathalyser on the market in the UK, including What Car? Best Breathalyser under £100, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner, Diesel Car Group Test Winner, Fifth Gear Group Test Winner amongst others.